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Thermo lift machine

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thermal rf thermo facelift machine

thermal rf thermo lift machine


ThermoLift is an advanced workstation for skin tightening, body contouring and aesthetic enhancement. The platform combines the latest innovations in ultrasound and radio frequency (RF) technologies to deliver effective, highly customized treatments- with natural, long lasting results.


Two Handle Technology

*CoaxiPolar RF energy creates local, superficial dermal heating
*UniPolar technology delivers concentrated RF energy at deeper layers of the skin without patient discomfort.

thermal rf thermo lift machine

Dielectric Heating

Dielectric Heating- a unique mechanism whereby high radiofrequency (RF) energy of 40.68 MHz (sending 40.68 million signals per second) is transmitted directly to the tissue, causing rapid rotation of its water molecules. This rotation generates friction which produces powerful and effective heat. Because skin is composed mostly of water, the heating from this mechanism induces volumetric contraction within the skin- contracting existing fibers and stimulating the formation of new collagen while improving its thickness and alignment. A high RF frequency allows for deep, homogenous heating which produces uniform results.


Dispel forehead lines, crow's feet, neck lines, fine lines, the butterfly sleeves, hip shape, repair stretch mark
A single treatment can get lift + + and anti-wrinkle firming + solute stereo ageing effect Israel hot and anti-wrinkle beauty instrument,new power focused RF,Focus on rf anti-aging firming technology,The heat from a distance, the depth of focus 60 minutes for your youth face,Beast is focused on the technology,Radar navigation and positioning technology,Biological recognition technology,Dispel forehead lines, crow's feet, neck lines, fine lines, the butterfly sleeves, hip shape, repair stretch mark


 Firming skin,Tyra shape,To improve the appearance of fine lines,The safe and stable,1 treatment = 1 times hifu + 3 times thermal rf + 3 times De-fatting needle,
Instantly smoothes out wrinkles, improve sagging organization, reshape the young outline, skin elasticity

thermal rf thermo lift machine


The Periorbital handpiece is designed to treat the area around the eyes, using UniPolar and In-motion technologies to tighten lax skin comfortably and improve fine lines and wrinkles

thermal rf thermo lift machine


Specifications acne removing instrument 



fractional rf skin rejuvenation rf machine

Item No.




thermagic head

2types head changable





RF frequency


RF output power





TT/Western union/Moneygram

packing size





  • Functions  


    • Erase wrinkle tighten skin:Forehead wrinkles, eye round fine lines, a maze of crow's feet nasolabial sulcus, peri-oral wrinkles, cheilogramma, neck, hands, body all kinds of wrinkle.
    • Facial contour shaping:Facial relaxation, double chin, chin brow vertical curve and brow, small eyelid tightening. acne removing instrument 
    • Systemic anti-aging, slimming, shaping:Arm tightening and shaping, back tightening and shaping , breasts shaping, waist and abdomen tightening.

     thermal rf thermo lift machine


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